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    For job seekers and students in search of internships

    Individuals in search of employment or internship opportunities at Affinity Global Services may mail us to our HR Manager on Careers to search for job openings at various Branches and apply for the same. If you have a Careers related question or comment or suggestion, please feel free to Contact Us with your valuable replies. Still have questions? Then use office locator to find Affinity Global Services Pvt. ltd. office near you and Contact Us. Here, you should find either a local Office Locator or another link that will take you to the desired information.


    • Management

      We at AGS have a strong analytical team who work together to get there client business run smoothly & our having well equipped team includes various professionals, MBA's, Ex-Banker's & Chartered Accountants

    • Flexiblity

      We are flexible as per the clients requirements and need.

    • Banking

      We at AGS helps the Companies to project & helps them to get sufficient funds, so that they can grow thereselves & can work more efficiently towards attainment of there Goal.

    • Value

      Our staff have worked on small to very large enterprise projects. Whilst our staff are technically capable

    • Depandiblity

      Affinity Global Services is committed to providing high quality, dependable services to all our clients.

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      We provide our clients with solutions and budgets with maintaining quality. Over the years we are follow as "Be prepared" & "Do it right the first time".

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    20B, Abdul Hamid Street 1F, East India House Kolkata - 700 069 (West Bengal) India
    Telephone:+91 33 4004 7183
    Fax: +91 33 4004 7016
    E-mail: ho@affinityglobal.in


    724, Ulubari, Charali 4F, Peace Enclave G.S. Road, Guwahati - 700 069 (Assam) India
    Telephone:+91 361 2739 921
    Fax: +91 361 2739 921
    E-mail: ghy@affinityglobal.in


    1-11-240/5/1, First Floor Dugar Arcade, Shyamlal Building Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016 (Andhra Pradesh) India
    Telephone: +91 40 4007 5150
    Fax: +91 40 4010 2601
  •  Project Advisory Services

    Assurance and advisory are at the core of our offering. Services such as internal audit and risk management advice give your business the stability you need to manage effectively and achieve your goals.

    Our advisory team provides an expert service to many different types of organizations. Our clients range from small owner-managed businesses to private companies and we cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

    When you are a decision maker, you need to be sure you are acting on reliable information. You need to be aware of your business risks and know that they are managed effectively. You need faith in your internal systems and controls, and the certainty that you are compliant with key legal requirements. Moreover, you need to be able to instil your shareholders, investors and customers with the same confidence. We can give you the assurance you need.

    Whatever your vision, your accounting and control systems need to be tailored to suit it. We can help you design and further improve your systems and arrangements to meet your needs, anticipating problems and finding solutions. We help ensure that your creative ideas make sense financially.

    Our Services Includes:

    * Project Feasibility Study and Financial Feasibility Study.
    * Preparation of detailed Project Report* TEV & TEFR reports
    * Advising on Debt Restructuring/CDR
    * Loan Syndication
    * Working Capital Loans
    * Project Loans
    * Trade Finance & Factoring etc..

  • Intl. Finance & Venture Funds

    * ECB/Buyers Credit/Sellers Credit
    * Arranging Foreign private equity
    * Arranging Venture Capital
  • Corporate Service & Subsidy

    * Company incorporation
        ->New Company Incorporation
        ->Conversion of Partnership into Company
    * ROC filings, Charge Creation and Company law compliances
    * Company Law Board Matters
    * ROC searches and company investigations
    * Shifting of Registered Office & Change of Object Clause
    * All other Company Law matters
    * Subsidy related matters under Single Window Concept
    * Industry specific subsidies such as TUFS and MOFPI
    * Central & State Investment subsidies

  •  Management Consultancy

    Management consultancy is, effectively, about helping you to get things done. A good consultant helps you to fine-tune your business or organization to measure success, maximize performance and efficiency, and minimize risk. An effective service lets you know where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

    Our Management consultancy team has an excellent reputation for helping clients boost their performance. We carry out a diverse range of services for a variety of organizations. The team is fully equipped with experience to back up their expert knowledge,and the focus is always on practical, realistic solutions tailored to each specific client organization.

    The services offered by our management consultancy team include:

    * Advising on Cost Reduction
    * Business & Shares valuation & Exchange Ratio Reports
    * Public Issue planning and Advisory services
    * Advisory & Solutions on Budgeting, Management Information Systems & Internal Controls
    * Accounting System Development and implementation and accounting Systems Analysis
    * Financial Restructuring
    * Management Audit

  •  Overseas Business

    * Venture Funding;
    * Foreign Collaborations, Mergers & Aquisitions
    * FDI / FII GDR / FCCB / ECB and other International funding
    * International Accounting,
    * GAAP Accounting
    * Transfer Pricing
    * Setting up of Indian Companies abroad and vice- versa;

  •  Other Services

    Turning your business dreams into a successful reality usually calls for additional finance. Acquisitions, mergers, business development, debottlenecking, expansion and overseas ventures all demand extra funds and require specialist advice.

    Our corporate finance team can secure for you the necessary funding to achieve your business goals. Our team has the recognized market experience and enjoy privileged relationships with finance providers, both public and private.

    Our team will help you boost your business's appeal to investors and financiers, maximizing your funding horizon. Whatever your industry area or geographical location, our team understands what the financial community expects of an enterprise and how to help you match these expectations.

    We have built our reputation over the years, so the investors know we only associate with credible, well-conceived proposals. Thus, to be introduced to the financial community by us is itself a great benefit.

    Our corporate finance team can deliver the following services:

    * Assist you in the preparation of your business plans,
    * Help you find and secure finance from the most appropriate sources,
    * Prepare financial projections and forecasts,
    * Perform business valuations,
    * Provide ongoing advice and support with ?flotation
       ->mergers & acquisitions
       ->management buy-outs/buy ins


    Affinity Global Services Private Limited (AGSPL), a frontline Project Advisory & Management Consultancy incorporated in 2008. AGSPL offers a comprehensive range of services in specialized areas such as Project Advisory and consultancy, Loan Syndication, Govt., Liaising, Subsidy claims, Advisory for credit Ratings, Management Advisory jobs, Recruitment Services for Clients, ECB and Buyer credit.Familiar with the intricacies of project planning, strategic structuring and other critical financial, technical, commercial, procedural, regulatory and statutory issues.

    We are Familiar with the intricacies of project planning, strategic structuring and other critical financial, technical, commercial, procedural, regulatory and statutory issues.

    Founder & CMD Shri Sanjay Bhalotia is a Chartered Accountant by profession & is having 14 years experience in the field of Audit work, Tax consultancy jobs, Financial Consultancy and loan syndication.

    A specialist in Fund Raising, has experience in the areas of business valuations (share, company, brand valuations), mergers & acquisitions, de-mergers and hive-offs, turnarounds (rehabilitation /revival/takeover of sick units), joint ventures and foreign collaborations (sourcing of technology and venture partners, negotiation of joint ventures), strategic restructuring, capital restructuring for potentially sick companies, company law and taxation.